Bend Creative Space modern and contemporary open office space desk rental options


Space available! Contact us now for more info!

We have a great variety of open spaces right now!  From basic desk work areas, to more furnished and private areas, to glass-walled private offices - we have the perfect place for you to get it done! All our spaces have great natural light, access to shared amenities, and lots of great positive energy :-) Come down and take a look. 

Office & open floor plan desk spaces for rent in Tumalo, a little town in Bend, OR.

Rent includes a furnished work space, along with shared access to a large conference room, large private deck, lunch room, restrooms, private parking lot, bi-monthly cleaning service, wired or wireless internet, and all utilities! Prices are month-to-month. First and last required to start. Currently available options are highlighted inred.

Space #:

  1. 8x12 glass walled private office - $700
  2. 8x12 glass walled private office - $700
  3. 8x7 glass walled private office - $700
  4. 8x7 glass walled private office - $650
  5. Semi-private work area - $450
  6. Semi-private work area - $450
  7. Semi-private work area - $400
  8. Semi-private work area - $400
  9. Semi-private work area - $300
  10. Semi-private work area - $475
  11. Semi-private work area - $475
  12. Semi-private work area - $425
  13. Open work area - $350
  14. Open work area - $425
  15. Open work area - $350
  16. Open work area - $350
  17. Open work area - $350

This is the upstairs, where the work areas are. There is a main entrance and lobby downstairs. Street parking is available, along with a large private parking lot behind the building.