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Why should I work here?

The Laidlaw building was constructed in 2008 and it's already a hub in Tumalo, with Tumalo Coffee HouseKevin Kubota Photography, and PhotoWonder in the building. We have additional offices and desk spaces in a large, bright, sunny, space with a shared environment concept. 

The benefits of an open and collaborative work space have been proven – people need other people for creative stimulus! Bounce ideas off your neighbor, call an impromptu group mind meld, or put your head down and cram. It's up to you. Avoid the life-draining seclusion of working at home, alone.

Our building is modern, open, full of light, and inspiring to be in every day. It has a private parking lot in the back, as well as ample street front parking. There's a large private outside deck for sunning, lunch, meditation, or meetings. 

Hungry? We have Tumalo Coffeehouse in the building, along with Farmer John's Produce and El Caporal Mexican restaurant one block away. Trader Joes, Pono Farms, and the entire Cascade Village Shopping Center is only six minutes away! Later in the summer of 2016 we have two food truck courts opening up within 3 blocks! We are closer to downtown Bend than most people realize – just 8-10 minutes on a normal day.

There are great, safe areas surrounding us for sunny, midday walks and even an exercise path at the nearby school. Please feel free to contact us about your needs – we'd love to help work something out for you!


Office & open floorplan desk space for rent in Tumalo, a little town in Bend, OR.